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Hey, I'm Ramon Sloan

Almost all stories start from humble beginnings, I am no different, most would say they started with nothing, that’s where I am different. I started with my passion and goal to be the best Independent Film Industry. It wasn’t easy, it was a tough road. It’s not the fairytale that we all see in the movie, it was a roller coaster ride. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, those rides made me who I am and where I am now.

I have been in the film industry for quite some time, enough to learn what’s beneficial, and not and through those years I have come to notice a lot of things that most filmmakers are in a dilemma.

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Circumstances 1

A man finds his mother and sister in a bad situation and makes a series of terrible decisions that will ultimately lead to the beginning of his demise. 

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Circumstances 2

Two men become the focus of gangsters and the F.B.I., as their unpredictable lives on the streets of Milwaukee become even more out of control.

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Circumstances 3

When a mysterious hitman stirs up what was a perfect operation, tension grows high between Keyshawn and his crew as they try to survive attacks from the hitman and getting captured by the FBI.

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Circumstances 4

A highly skilled hitman is back to put an end to the tyranny he helped start, but his return only awakens more murder and reveals unimaginable truths.

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A Good Day for Everybody

When she realizes her suicidal partner has gone missing, a cocaine addicted corrupt cop must piece together the right clues to find him before his kidnapper, who’s torturing him for killing her son, kills him – all while grappling with her own secret guilt.

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When an absence of communication reveals a love triangle, much more than lies come to light.

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The Rise and Fall of CooCoo Cal

 CooCoo Cal, whose real. name chart-topping rap song (In My Projects) brought him instant stardom, shares his story of self-sabotage, disappointment, and his attempted comeback.

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All About a Check

 Growing up marginalized in the hood, several women desperate to change their financial dynamic engage in seedy career choices that sends their lives and those around them into a downward spiral.

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