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Ramon Sloan founded Swift Motion Pictures in 2016 after penning several books that eventually drove him movie producing. He formed the company and shot its first film Circumstances in 2017, and since then has gone on two several full-feature films and documentaries that can be seen on many streaming and cable platforms.

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Circumstances 1

A man finds his mother and sister in a bad situation and makes a series of terrible decisions that will ultimately lead to the beginning of his demise. 

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Circumstances 2

Two men become the focus of gangsters and the F.B.I., as their unpredictable lives on the streets of Milwaukee become even more out of control.

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Circumstances 3

When a mysterious hitman stirs up what was a perfect operation, tension grows high between Keyshawn and his crew as they try to survive attacks from the hitman and getting captured by the FBI.

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Circumstances 4

A highly skilled hitman is back to put an end to the tyranny he helped start, but his return only awakens more murder and reveals unimaginable truths.

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A Good Day for Everybody

When she realizes her suicidal partner has gone missing, a cocaine addicted corrupt cop must piece together the right clues to find him before his kidnapper, who’s torturing him for killing her son, kills him – all while grappling with her own secret guilt.

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When an absence of communication reveals a love triangle, much more than lies come to light.

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The Rise and Fall of CooCoo Cal

 CooCoo Cal, whose real. name chart-topping rap song (In My Projects) brought him instant stardom, shares his story of self-sabotage, disappointment, and his attempted comeback.

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All About a Check

 Growing up marginalized in the hood, several women desperate to change their financial dynamic engage in seedy career choices that sends their lives and those around them into a downward spiral.

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Future Projects

Movies Coming Soon

Let Me Be

Single mom Monica battles a spiteful ex and an uphill struggle in nursing school while a new love offers hope, but her past threatens her hard-won stability.

Line 43: Barriers Defined by Color

Line 43 Barriers Defined by Color is a new documentary film that explores the devastating realities of the 1930’s system of redlining black neighborhoods and how Milwaukee became one of the most segregated cities in America. The film explores the systemic roots of this travesty and the coming possible future for the city through the perspective of experts and local activists.

Family Code

Facing the clock, tipping the odds: a family’s pivotal balance.

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Swift Motion Pictures is a film production house that specializes in the art of movie, tv series, documentary production.